What is Remarketing?


Remarketing involves attracting a specific audience that has previously interacted with your company in order to complete an action that was pending on that platform, such as purchasing a particular item.

Customers often add various products to their shopping cart on certain online stores but never complete the purchase. They might suspend it to compare prices with competitors or due to a lack of available funds at that moment. One commonly used idea is to utilize their email address to send them reminders about their intended purchase.

Why is Remarketing Important?

This digital tool is crucial for marketing in a business due to the purchasing opportunities it can recover. There are users who visit several websites and check prices of merchandise. Consequently, they do not finalize a purchase as they continue researching other brands.


This is where this digital utility becomes subtle, keeping your company present for when your users decide to make the intended purchase. By using advertisements correctly on social networks or mobile applications, you can make your product appealing or promote interesting discounts.

Using remarketing allows for increased sales, strengthens your brand, and ensures mental security for consumers when making a decision.

Benefits of Remarketing

The remarketing tool is a vital option when creating advertising campaigns, and upon implementation, it brings the following benefits to your brand:

  • Increases recognition and attractiveness of your brand to a specific audience.
  • Helps maintain your company against competition, making your items so unique that many buyers become interested in your merchandise.
  • Enables the creation of creative ads and exclusive information for your audience. After collecting user preferences, customizable advertising campaigns can be made that optimize your content.
  • Aids merchants in evolving in this world and improving their sales decision-making abilities.
  • Strengthens the ability to engage customers on your website.

Examples of Remarketing

Here are some examples of how remarketing is utilized:

How top-performing Health and Personal Care advertisers use remarketing

After several studies on the utility of remarketing in health and care advertisements, there has been an increase in visits to their associated platforms. Additionally, there has been heightened interest in promoting prevention in certain health-deprived communities among the workforce.


VAPE uses remarketing to create brand awareness and sales

VAPE is an insecticide company that implemented remarketing strategies to inform its audience about the danger of having accumulated flies or insects that could be harmful to their well-being. They leverage these advertisements to showcase their product that tackles this issue.

SpoonfulONE achieves success with Amazon DSP and Amazon Marketing Cloud remarketing

SpoonfulONE specializes in creating items that provide information and protection to users, introducing the maintenance of foods and monitoring allergens that could be harmful.

They implemented remarketing through collaborations with other platforms interested in promoting preventive food information, particularly focusing on children and other audiences. They disseminate information across all social networks or via registered email addresses.

TENZING boosts brand recognition with Amazon DSP remarketing campaigns

TENZING is an energy drink company that has implemented numerous digital strategies to optimize its content and distribute its brand widely. The advanced nature of this brand is evident in its customizable email campaigns for users interested in the same.


Furniture company activates audiences across the sales channel with remarketing

Furniture companies heavily rely on this digital tool to make their products go viral and complete sales.

Many users opt to seek information on other platforms to find an affordable price. But thanks to the new options offered by remarketing, it allows them to send emails as reminders for their purchases.

By employing this digital utility in conjunction with Amazon Ads, it has allowed for the creation of advertising campaigns that attract new users to your company.

How to Measure Success in Remarketing?

To measure the positive results of this tool, it’s essential to understand certain statistics that present interesting and distinct qualities. These include:

Interaction Statistics

The remarketing planning you wish to employ should focus on sustaining each of your brand’s interests, which is extremely important for maintaining good management. Apart from increasing your purchases rapidly, it’s necessary to understand your goals and what the future of the generated content might be.

When using advertisements with this digital tool, take note of the following indicators:

  • Website visits: Evaluate the number of people visiting your website, what they like, and dislike.
  • Email opens: Monitor if your users open emails or messages sent by your team.
  • Click-through rate: Keep track of the clicks you receive to enter your website, or how many people actually view your ads.

Conversion Statistics

When you have ads integrated with this digital utility and they’re focused on promoting interaction or sales with your users, pay close attention to the following metrics:

  • Sales conversion rate: Determine if your specific audience is requesting your items and finalizing transactions.
  • Sign-ups: Monitor and evaluate if your customers complete questionnaires to register on your website.
  • Cost per acquisition: Estimate the investment required for these marketing tools.

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