Best Examples of Email Marketing


It’s common to have concerns when you start exploring customizable email experiences, especially when attempting to implement the basic principles of this tool that you are studying to use.

To make your task of finding the best examples of email marketing less daunting, we’ll provide you with information on this and how to use them. The goal of this article is to inspire you to make a change in the world of advertising, giving your predetermined company a boost by creating great advertisements using emails.

Why Is Email Marketing Necessary for Your Business?

To boost your sales in your online store, it’s essential to have an excellent business strategy, one of which is using examples of marketing. This field not only helps consumers by providing the information they need but also attracts new users and offers them enticing sales.


Correct use of customizable emails is considered a cost-effective and efficient tactic, leading to a fantastic return on investment.

The goal of using this strategy is to build trust with our customers, create new sales proposals for them, and educate them with our information. Despite being a tool for communication through emails, it has the ability to adapt to segmentation, meaning it can target a specific audience interested in a particular topic. Therefore, this can turn this tool into a great asset in the sales process of your company.

The Best Examples of Email Marketing for You to Learn From and Get Inspired

In this section, you will find examples of email marketing, and we will discuss each of them as follows:

1.      Chubbies Shorts: An Example of Email Marketing Aimed at Recovering Abandoned Carts

The use of Chubbies Shorts represents a relevant example for the use of customizable email. It focuses on recovering those uncompleted sales, which is a common issue in the field of digital stores.

Typically, users request an item and, due to personal or other reasons, decide to postpone the purchase.


Chubbies Shorts’ approach is to provide an alternative to attract new users, sending appealing and interesting emails that can persuade users to return and complete a purchase. The strategy involves creating an email that is sent two hours after the shopping cart is abandoned, and another is sent two days later. The idea is to craft a unique and engaging email to gently lure customers back.

2.      Zooplus: The Importance of the Subject Line

To understand this example of email marketing better, it’s essential to delve into practical examples of emails to comprehend this concept fully. People receive daily emails with promotions and product sales, but most of them go ignored and are rarely used by consumers.

The crucial focus of these emails is their subject lines. By using an effective subject line, it becomes much easier to create high-quality digital messages.

Zooplus can help you with this by offering key tools on its platform to create a suitable, attractive, business-oriented, and customizable email. This allows you to craft an email tailored to your audience, guaranteeing increased visibility for your advertising.


3.      Uber: Leveraging Invoice Emails to Encourage More Sales

A clear example of using email marketing is seen in Uber’s approach. For those unfamiliar with Uber, it aims to transform the user experience by providing transportation services to their desired locations. As part of this process, Uber utilizes marketing by sending information about users’ trips, receipts, and invoices via email.

Uber users receive emails that engage them in sharing their feedback instantly and take advantage of referral bonuses, encouraging them to share their experiences with friends through Google Maps.

One unique aspect of Uber’s marketing is that it relies solely on digital marketing and word-of-mouth communication to make its proposals go viral. This company refrains from investing in traditional marketing channels and focuses on providing the desired user experience to attract more users.

4.      Petflow: Social Proof Through Email

Petflow is a pet product store with a substantial following on social media, including Facebook. This company leverages email to deliver exclusive advertising campaigns to each user promptly.

This is a great example of email marketing because it employs an effective strategy that involves integrating other social media networks to make its products go viral. This strategy is effective when there’s a noticeable increase in sales, and it’s essential to use additional channels to distribute information about your brand and reach a wider audience.

5.      Glovo: Generating Business Volume Through Email Marketing

Delivery companies like Glovo use special sports events like the Champions League or the World Cup as an excellent opportunity to increase product requests, depending on the topic you offer, especially if it’s related to these games.

During these seasons, Glovo creates customizable marketing emails tailored to users’ preferences to persuade them to request its products and acquire various items.

These are just a few examples of email marketing that showcase the power of this strategy when it comes to engaging users and driving business growth.


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